Grant (live4change) wrote in realcrit,

I drew this from the cover of Miles Davis' Tutu. I was afraid to draw the other half of his face because Im never very good at drawing 2 eyes that line up/ are of relatively similar size.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
this is just the "black and white drawing" setting on my scanner. I just thought it looked pretty cool. The other one is more accurate though.

Its best to look at it from a bit of a distance, that is when it looks almost like a photo.

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The drawing is cool. I like scribbling, too.

But no, really. Nice shading. It almost does look like a photo from a distance..or even a real person...well, one with with half a face which kindof creeps me out. But that's okay. I fixed it for you: Hope you don't mind. I was bored.

Image hosted by

Muuuuuch better.

P.s sorry,I'm in an insane mood.

You really should practice doing the other side of faces, though or you'll end up with drawings like mine which are basically half finished people with one side of their body missing because It's become habit and I can't be bothered to learn to draw properly.

I have to do a self portrait for a homework assignment in my art class, and i had to make sure I started with the left side of my face because that is the side that I always have problems drawing. The strokes you ahve to use just dont feel natural.