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realcrit's Journal

An honest art critique community
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I know its long but please read this before joining so that you can fully understand what this community is meant for.

This community is for honest art crits. Feel free to post your art but be prepared to hear honest opinions. There is to be no bullshitting here. If somebody sucks and is totally hopeless and clearly has no chance whatsoever of making it as an artist, feel free to tell them so. Do NOT attack them personally (ie:insulting their intellegence, lifestyle, appearance...etc.) as this has nothing to do with your opinion on their artwork. On the other hand, you may feel free to tell people that their work is fabulous and completely amazing. However, people whose work truly is that great are few and far between so don't get carried away with lies and flattery. By creating this community I do not intend to create a place where people are deliberately cruel, although I can forsee plenty of occasions on which cruelty and unfairness will take place. I will try to keep that in check while still providing enough leeway to be free with opinions. I merely want to find some relief from the many art communities out there that sometimes turn into complete ass-kissing parties for people who aren't bold enough to make blunt critiques. This doesn't help anyone and it's annoying.

I would also like to make it clear that while I do have a very high personal standard of good art, I do not look down upon anyone who's art I may critique harshly. If a person posts something to the effect of, "Hey, I'm thinking of selling this piece. What do you think?" I may very well say that the piece is not likely to sell except at a garage sale or to a relative who loves you very much. This does not mean I think this person is hopeless. This is just the kind of honesty I am trying to promote. And yes, I'm aware that it borders on cruelty, but sometimes honesty is a bitch. Don't join if you're looking for flattery. And while I don't expect people to be babies who can't handle a little honest critique, I also don't expect people to sit by and let everyone say stuff about their work that they completely disagree with. If someone has missed the point, tell them so. Of course plenty of arguments will arise, but hopefully, some good conversations will come of it.

One more thing! I know that not everybody is great with spelling and grammar but please, when you join this community, don't speak in "lyk, u r such a artis ohmygodiluvitttXOXOXO!!!" It annoys people. On the other hand, when conflicts arise, don't pick on someone for their spelling errors unless it is relevant to the argument.


PS: Obviously "good art" is in they eye of the beholder...to a certain degree. There are some things that only the mentally unstable or the very stupid could possibly not see are fabulous or completely crap. There is some black and white.