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Hello. :D

Thankyou Jaclyn for making a community where I can actually get critiquied on my art. That was kindof the idea when I joined amateur_artists but people seemed to be praising things that remembled a little kids drawing (or atleast the same skill level as a child since I think, and the two of you will agree here, that art can come in all forms of expression including kiddish type drawings). I just think it's kindof wierd that some people think they're good when they could clearly use some work. It's like they're in denial or something. There has been a lot of times when looking at my friends page where I felt like saying to someone, in that community, that their art was a piece of crap.

one Because I think I can be a little mean towards people who seem to have no concept of what is good and what is not and
two people will be telling them how oh so great it is when there's a million things they could do to improve it.

However, who am I to say what is 'good' art and what is not, but I do have some sense of someone with true talent whether they're drawing doodles or fine, very detailed pieces of art. Obviously there will be things that I see in some people's art and think it's good that someone else will think is crap because maybe it's something only I identify with, but this doesn't nessicarily mean they are an artist. Basically what I feel with art is you have to start off with the basic technical skills. Once you've accomplished that you can go one to do whatever you want whether it be abstract, surrealism or whatever. ( <--------- Just goes to show how much I know about different styles of art :P).

okay anyway, enough banter, these are some pictures I have posted before except I never got the feedback I really wanted from anyone. I even asked when posting it, 'please tell me how I could have improved on this drawing' and I would only get people saying things like, 'wow, that's awesome, dude! Keep up the good work!' And I was just like, um..thanks. It's not that great but yeh.

Number one: This is basically just something I drew randomly after literally not drawing properly for years and was suddenly inspired when I discovered the Artist H.R Giger. But when I drew this I realised that I could probably never draw anything as technically perfect as he can and I sortof felt discouraged a bit so I sought out some art communities so that I could get some opinions. I wasn't saying that so that people would be all like, 'Oh, wow you drew that after months of not drawing? Amazing!!!' All I'm saying here is I feel like I have atleast somewhat of a natural feel for drawing and probably have some potential in that area.

1. I don't really know what this is. I just called it 'Alien skull'.

2: Face.
This next one I also randomly did a few weeks ago. As you can probably tell from a lot of my drawings, I love to draw faces. All the angles and different dimensions to the face fascinate me, and I love playing around with the features to give them a more 'surreal' look to them. However I don't feel like I ever get the lighting right. Infact..I don't get lighting at all..I just sortof make it up. I need help in this area a lot. And some other things. I do find this drawing a little pretentious. Especially the right eye. I often feel this way when I do a drawing because It feels like I'm trying to be all 'arteest' when cleary my skills havea lot of room for improvement and I am far from ever selling any of it. But anyway, I'll let you decide.

close up.

Thanks. Good god that was long. I do tend to ramble on a lot don't I. Oh well. I just did a gigantic explosive fart that made my chair vibrate.

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