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senior wall

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This is a bit of a long entry. My school recently had its fine arts festival. The fine arts department is the only worthwhile part of my school. For the fine arts festival they have a section devoted specifically to seniors who have had at least 4 art classes. There are 3 wall sizes: large, medium, small. I had a large wall, not because I had lots of pieces, but because my pieces were slightly large. Some people had themes for their walls, these walls looked much better than the ones where people threw random pictures on a wall. Mine was jazz/music (and 2 skating pictures). Now onto the pictures

I won 2 third place awards. On was for the portrait category:

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the other was for the general photography category:

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(this picture doesnt have the streaks, but the room was poorly lit with flourecent lights)

My wall consisted of 4 portraits, 2 photos, 2 photo manipulations, and 3 movies that I showed on a small TV

The portrait I thought should have won a prize was surprisingly looked over

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If you havnt already noticed, I am most comfortable with pencil

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(eraser drawing)

My other photo was supposed to tell a story but most people didnt get it. The first photo is a kid skating, the other is what happened when he didnt land the trick

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(its hard to see with the lights, but he has a decent sized gash on his leg)

The next pictures were done from slides with a polaroid day lab. (from right)ink transfer, polaroid rendering, emulsion transfer

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My last picture was pretty experimental. My teacher had run across this stuff called liquid light. It allows you to paint it on anything and make that surface light sensitive. She didnt think that my photo class could do it so she held it for the photo club instead. I used it on the back of an old amp that I had taken off when I was trying to fix the amp.

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(again damn the lighting, though I think this was a flash issue, that stupid blob in the middle)

The 3 movies were some of the most fun and stressful things to make. The first movie I created was called "Marbles" and was intended for the ICA student short film festival. Unfortunatly it didnt make the cut. The second movie was supposed to be a light hearted informational video about unsafe driving in the school parking lot. Unfortuanly, they wouldnt let me air it on the school morning anouncements because they were afraid it might offend people because of an incident that occured about 3 years ago (I showed a kid getting hit by a car). The last movie was a bit of a behind the scenes look at the making of senior walls. We had to days where we didnt have to go to class so that we could cover, put up, decorate and finish off our walls. That was pretty fun too. If I can, I will try to get those onto the net so everybody can take a peek.
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